Forestry Management

AI-Powered Satellite Analytics to generate Actionable Insights for managing Forests more efficiently.

Managing vast expanses of woodland presents serious challenges, every one of which is more difficult to tackle because of the sheer scale of operations.

Whether it’s disease or pest outbreaks, wildfire risk, or illegal logging, the longer the problem goes unnoticed, the faster they spread, and once the damage is done, it’s done.

Manual inspections by field personnel are both expensive and time-consuming, whether you use overflights or ground transportation. And that’s without mentioning the environmental price tag.

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. With satellite data, that’s exactly what you get.

The number of Earth Observation satellites is increasing rapidly. Already today, almost every acre of the planet’s surface is being watched by at least one Earth Observation satellite. What this means is that scale is no longer an issue.

Using satellite data, you can get an almost instant snapshot of your entire estate in close to real-time. It’s revolutionary!

Control Costs

Increase Efficiency

Save Time

Reduce CO2

Instead of the physical scale of the operation, the challenge with satellite data is the vastness and richness of the data. That’s where LiveEO comes in. Our international team of Earth Observation scientists and Machine Learning experts have worked together to build a tech platform that sifts through the mountain of data to extract not just meaningful analysis, but actionable insights.

Get actionable insights to tackle issues before they become problems.

Disaster Management

Mitigate damage after storms, wildfires and infestations thanks to actionable threat reports that identify weakened or diseased trees


Get up-to-date population reports with complete species height and volume estimates


Continuously monitor your forest's health to better direct inspection efforts

3rd Party

Continuously monitor your forest's health to better direct inspection efforts

Monitor and protect your woodland resources with LiveEO’s Forestry Suite.

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