Prevent Wildfires, Recover Quickly.

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If disaster does strike, our solution lets you quickly asses damage and recover.

    The map shows current incidents in the United States.

    Wildfires are Increasing

    Climate conditions are changing. More and more wildfires all over the USA the result, with catastrophic consequences for nature, people, and the economy.

    Satellite Analytics provide utilities with quick post disaster insights to aid recovery. They also help to prevent wildfires, by enabling a condition based vegetation management.

    Satellites help with Rapid Recovery

    We can quickly and accurately identify burned areas using multispectral satellite data and trained machine learning algorithms.

    Incorporating your grid location data, we can tell you exactly what spans have been affected, shortly after the event. 

    Satellite technology makes it possible to get insights for your entire grid at once, allowing you to focus on what matters most: restoring your asset efficiently.


    Evaluate Damage

    Multispectral Satellite Data reveals the exact locations that have been hit by a fire.


    Large Areas at once

    No matter how large or remote your Areas of interest is, satellites cover it swiftly.

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    Immediate Insights

    Our AI-Powered solution processes large datasets immediately, resulting in a quick turnaround for your insights.

    Find out how AI-Powered Satellite Analytics can help in Wildfire Recovery

    Mitigate Risk No 1: Vegetation Encroachment

    A majority wildfires in the US are caused by vegetation too close to overhead lines. Our Satellite-based vegetation management solution provides you with grid-wide overviews of vegetation throughout the growth cycle. Risk models, customized to your specifications allow you to quickly identify critical spans and act before disasters happen.

    Grid-Wide Overview

    All information directly accessible and actionable in one place.

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    Identify High-Risk Spans

    Our risk model are customized to your specifications.


    Prioritize Effectively

    Ationable insights allow you to mitigate before disaster strikes.

    Find out how AI-Powered Satellite Analytics can help in Wildfire Recovery.

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