Monitor your Pipeline from Space

Detect dangers from third party interaction close to your asset and monitor ground movements continously. Utilize Satellite Technology to make maintenance and operation more efficient, safe and reliable.

Monitor Ground Movements Continously

Ground displacement, which leads to increased tension in the pipeline and can lead to leakages represents a largely invisible danger. 

Using Radar Technology, Satellites can detect ground movements with an accuracy of millimeters and an update frequency of several days. The software includes historical data into the analysis to identify trends.

Receive automatic alerts about acute movements along your asset. Use our trained models and easily set your own limits.

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Condition-based allocation of resources

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Increase Efficiency

Work planning and reporting tools

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Reduced costs of identification, planning, execution and reporting



Automated risk assessment and task prioritization

Monitor third Party Activities

Construction sites with heavy construction equipment such as drills or excavators along your underground pipelines lead can cause damage. Using artificial intelligence, we constantly and automatically monitor your entire assets for activities by third parties. Our algorithms reliably distinguish relevant events from everyday or seasonal changes and alert you before damage occurs.

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