Monitor Ground Deformation from Space

Detect dangers from ground subsidence in large areas with millimeter accuracy and independent of weather conditions. Identify trends and mitigate risks before damage occurs.

Continuous Ground Deformation Monitoring

Ground Subsidence is a largely invisible phenomenon that can pose a great danger to your asset if it remains undetected. LiveEO utilizes SAR satellites (Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites) to detect elevation changes over large areas from space. Thanks to a growing number of satellites in Orbit, continuous near-real time monitoring becomes a reality.

Combined with LiveEO’s proprietary risk models and machine learning algorithms, we make information on ground deformation actionable for managers.

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Ensure Safety

Detect dangers before damage occurs

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Increase Efficiency

Move towards an automated, AI-driven monitoring approach

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Stay Alert

Access up-to-date condition reports on your asset

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Lower OPEX

Reduce need for in-situ measurements

Increased tension in pipelines can lead to leakages. With satellites, frequent updates for the entire network are possible.
Areas close to mining activity are especially prone to ground deformation dangers. Satellites can offer and extra up-to-date data layer to identify risks early.
Ground displacement, which leads to increased tension in the rails and derailments, represents a largely invisible danger.

Historical Data and Millimeter Accuracy

Despite the large distance from the surface, radar (SAR) satellites can detect ground movements from space with Millimeter accuracy for large areas. The radar waves penetrate clouds, which makes measurements independent of weather conditions.

Since the satellite constellations have been recording data for years, there are extensive archives available. Incorporating archived data into our analysis, we generate time series and automatically detect trends.

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Actionable Insights.
Accessible Anywhere.

Our solution does not only provide you with near-real time height level changes. Our proprietary machine learning and risk models, customized to your specifications, translate the information into actionable insights that make your operations safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

Transform your risk management with an additional up-to-date data layer at a fraction of the cost of traditional large-scale monitoring solutions.

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