Rapid Response Insights

Storm damage reports in near-realtime

Storm damage hits hard - be prepared for the unexpected.

Power outages due to severe weather have doubled over the past twenty years, with sometimes devastating consequences for end users. Damage to infrastructure such as the rail network or the electricity grid can lead to lengthy disruptions to service, uncontrolled costs for operator, as well as serious risk to life and property until the damage is repaired. Rapid recovery after adverse events is critical, and swift and accurate site identification is essential.

Tackle storms with
Rapid Response Insights


Rapid Response Insights pinpoints potential damage sites based on images from SAR satellites taken before, during and after a storm, regardless of daylight or cloud cover. Actionable insights are pushed to field teams’ mobile devices in record time, helping restore service without delay.


Potential damage identified within 15h


High-accuracy pinpointing


Agnostic of darkness and cloud or fog cover


Reports directly available in the field

Restore service faster

Restore service faster by getting notified of tree fall-ins and other damage directly in the field within hours of a storm, day or night, regardless of cloud cover.

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