Scalable Hazard Detection for Your Pipeline Assets

By analyzing and combining satellite data ranging from visible to radar wavelength LiveEO can provide precise information about new construction sites or soil movements near your pipeline assets. The analysis is provided to you as ready to use insights via our front end user interface.

Our Solutions

LiveEO offers its solution as an all-in-one software as a service.

Detect Construction Sites

Detecting new construction sites along underground pipelines is essential to prevent damage caused by heavy construction machines like drills and excavators. Daily updated satellite data and our well trained algorithm allow you to detect new construction sites quicker than ever before.

Monitor Soil Movements

State of the art radar satellite technology allows for detection of soil movements in the range of millimeters and therefore to get precise information about the stress level to which the pipeline is exposed.

Prevent Damage and Save OPEX

Traditional pipeline inspections are carried out with helicopters. This is a very selective and expensive type of monitoring. LiveEO can substitute these helicopter flights by scanning the whole grid at once from space. This results in direct savings of operational expenses.