LiveEO #39 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

New subsidy methods are changing the energy sector in the USA and ensure that the Americans have recently been able to report falling CO2 emissions. In the Permian Basin in Texas alone, more oil and gas is being extracted from the ground than at any time since the 1970s, according to exclusive satellite images. The boom also calls into question …

LiveEO #38 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Another WirtschaftsWoche Story is online #38 “Wie der Aralsee zur menschengemachten Katastrophe wurde” Almost 80% of the Aral Sea, what has been the fourth largest lake, has dried out within the last 40 years because of the human population.

LiveEO #36 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Stuttgart 21 will be a station of superlatives, some said. S21 will be a billion-euro grave, said others. The fact is: the most controversial German infrastructure project will open four years later than planned and will be considerably more expensive. Satellite images show which construction sites are finished after almost ten years and which are still unfinished.

LiveEO #35 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

In Mexico City, the construction of a new airport is finally scheduled to start in the coming days. Exclusive satellite images show two failed attempts to build a new airport and the planned expansion of three existing airports. Decades of dilemmas make even the problems at the new Berlin airport look small.

LiveEO #34 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Have a look at the new WirtschaftsWoche’s #34 “Economy from above” at Europe’s biggest brown coal fired power station in Poland and how it has changed the landscape over the last 40 years. It produces about 40 million tons of CO2 and is with that a huge burden for the environment!

LiveEO #33 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

In #33 “Economy from Above” WirtschaftsWoche shows with LiveEO satellite images the development of Qatar’s 8 new football arenas for the upcoming football World cup in 2022! Take a look at the evolution of the amazing architecture in the middle of the desert.

LiveEO #32 “Economy from above” story in WirtschaftsWoche!

LiveEO satellite images in the #32 “Economy from above” story show the rapid expansion of Australian ports. While many countries are saying goodbye to climate-damaging coal mining, Australia is planning six new coal mines and expanding its seaports for the export of raw material.

LiveEO #31 “Economy from above” story in WirtschaftsWoche!

This economy story from above shows how the US embargo is affecting Iran’s oil and merchandise exports. Current satellite images show that in the waters off the southern port city of Bandar Abbas, directly on the Strait of Hormus, there are about a dozen ships that have hardly moved for weeks. Read and have a look at the images!