LiveEO Planet Partnership

LiveEO Enters Strategic Partnership with Planet

Today, we are happy to announce that LiveEO and Planet enter a strategic partnership. Setting the Preconditions for Rapid Expansion  Berlin, May 11th 2021 Earth observation company LiveEO has today announced its partnership with Planet, the leading provider of global, daily satellite imagery and insights. The strategic move empowers LiveEO …

pixel raster on car

How accurate is satellite imagery for vegetation detection?

We have all seen those movies – The hero (on the run) tries their best to go undetected. Hat and sunglasses are their instruments of choice to escape suspicious glances from people nearby. Taking shelter from the open sky is another to prevent being seen from afar – knowing well …

satellite vs lidar

Satellite vs. LiDAR for Vegetation Management

The adoption of LiDAR has been an important step in digitizing vegetation management. While there likely will be some applications of laser scanning, satellites will monitor the bulk of infrastructure networks. LiDAR is an amazing technology: To see real-world objects turned into digital 3D representations is awe inspiring for most …

LiveEO secures €5.25 million Series A investment

Today, we are thrilled to announce that LiveEO has closed an investment round! Earth Observation Startup LiveEO secures €5.25 million to accelerate global expansion  Berlin, April 6th, 2021 LiveEO, an Earth Observation (EO) asset monitoring startup based in Berlin, has closed an investment round with the venture capital firms btov …

LiveEO #88 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

China’s online market remains firmly in the hands of Alibaba. Now the group is building a huge logistics hub in Belgium of all places, as exclusive satellite images show. This should also please German companies. “Economy from Above” is a cooperation with LiveEO.

LiveEO #87 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Britain aims to quadruple its wind power volumes by 2030. Some wind farms around the island have already grown enormously, as exclusive satellite images show. More are planned and give hope, especially to German companies. “Economy from Above” is a cooperation with LiveEO.

LiveEO #86 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Insurers take stock of natural disasters. In some parts of the world they were more destructive than they had been in 100 years. The damage can be seen even from space, as shown by exclusive satellite images. “Economy from Above” is a cooperation with LiveEO.

LiveEO #85 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Global emissions of the greenhouse gas methane are at an all-time high. Little is being done about it. Exclusive satellite images show where methane sources have been underestimated so far – and what the biggest polluters are.

LiveEO #84 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

The fear of the slump in shipping due to the coronavirus has been forgotten. Instead, ports are overflowing, as exclusive satellite images show, ships are fully booked, freight rates are rising and there is a shortage of containers worldwide. How did the container chaos escalate? “Economy from Above” is a …