Delivering Answers from Above: Infrastructure Analysis with Satellite Data

LiveEO uses satellite imagery for innovative infrastructure monitoring across rail, power and pipelines, enabling operators to save on operational costs by monitoring hazards from vegetation, elevation changes and third-party interactions along the network.



LiveEO helps railroad companies keep track of vegetation and ground movement near their tracks so trains can keep moving.
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Protect grids from interference by vegetation. Achieve unprecedented hours of operation so households are not left in the dark.
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LiveEO enables oil and gas pipeline operators to prevent damage from third party interference and ground level changes.
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Full Stack Application and Mobile App

Our Technology For Your Network

LiveEO turns satellite imagery into ready-to-use insights about your infrastructure grid. For example, we extract all the information about vegetation close to the grid to make your vegetation management more efficient than ever before.

The insights of our sophisticated machine learning algorithms are provided to you by our web app. Our mobile app connects on-site personnel and management and allows for detailed planning and delegation of tasks. Start your innovative infrastructure monitoring experience now.

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