Our Partners

AWS allows us to process heavy satellite images covering entire countries within a day. As APN technology partners, we are scaling our technology to deliver exceptional E2E results to our customers. Find out more.
CDM Smith Logo
Our strategic partnership with CDM Smith, leading construction and engineering company, aims at developing new applications for the construction industry.
WiWo Logo
Every week we provide insightful satellite images to support WiWo world-wide “Economy from above” news. Find out more.
We were the first co-creation partners of UP42 platform and we keep working closely with UP42 to shape the Earth Observation industry. Find out more.
Planet Labs
Since the very beginning of LiveEO, we were part of Planet’s Application Developer Program (ADP). Now, as Planet’s partners, we are continuing our collaboration to provide you with the newest insights from satellites.

In the research project FirST LiveEO partnered with the Geoinformation in Environmental Planning Lab of the Technical University of Berlin to detect storm damages on the basis of satellite data.
Since we graduated from Industry 4.0 program at the SAP.io foundry in Berlin, we established an official PartnerEdge partnership with SAP. Our analyses are integrated into SAP’s EAM to bring insights from satellites to end customers and will be provided in the SAP app center.