LiveEO #51 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

The Ilisu dam is a prestige project of Turkish President Erdogan. It promises green energy, economic blessings – and above all power. To achieve this, thousands of people and historical sites will have to make way, as exclusive satellite images show.

LiveEO #50 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

#50 “Economy from above” is out! After more than 30 years of planning full of breakdowns, the new airport called BER may now open at the end of October. Exclusive satellite images show the history from the GDR landing strip to the present day.

LiveEO #49 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

#49 Tulpen; Narzissen, Primeln is our most recent story in cooperation with WirtschaftsWoche. LiveEO captured amazing satellite images that show the colorful tulip fields in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the flower market is currently experiencing heavy losses during times of corona.

LiveEO #48 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

The dry and warm spring offers bark beetles perfect living conditions. Thus, what can already be seen in some places is now threatening the whole area: the clearing out of sheer necessity, as shown by exclusive satellite pictures.

LiveEO #46 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Already since last year, reports have been circulating within the VW group about difficulties in the development of the most important electric car of the Wolfsburgers. Exclusive satellite images show two places where the car manufacturer has recently been parking more and more new cars.

LiveEO #45 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Frankfurt, Seoul, Abu Dhabi: the corona crisis is turning the busiest airports in the world into huge parking areas for well over 11,000 currently superfluous aircraft. Satellite images show that soon there will be no more space. That’s why more and more airlines are turning to provincial runways – and the first ones are now even turning to jet cemeteries.

LiveEO #44 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Iran’s economy is closely linked to China. This is one of the reasons why the country was one of the first to be severely affected by the coronavirus. But the closeness is also evident in another way – in huge new shrimp farms.

LiveEO #43 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Check out our latest WirtschaftsWoche story #43 – Coronakrise Due to the Corona virus, a worldwide travel ban has been declared, which has severely affected the cruise industry. Have a look at where all the cruise ships are now “parked”.

LiveEO #42 “Economy from above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

If the coronavirus causes air traffic to collapse, this will not only cause financial problems for the airlines. They may have to park up to 8000 planes somewhere in Europe alone. This will give an unexpected boost to the Berlin problem airport BER of all places, as exclusive satellite images show.