LiveEO #62 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

The corona crisis caused a huge drop in sales and a loss of almost two billion euros for the aircraft manufacturer Airbus in the first half of the year. Satellite images show why: The group had to park more than 100 finished aircraft worldwide, which airlines and leasing companies can no longer afford to keep in view of the crisis.

LiveEO #60 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

In French Guiana in South America, the new generation of Ariane 6 rockets is scheduled to take off from 2021. Exclusive satellite images show how the construction of a gigantic new launch pad for Europe’s launch vehicle is progressing.

LiveEO #58 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

First Tesla rose to become the second most valuable car manufacturer ahead of its German competitors. Now he is demonstrating to them how a car plant can be built at high speed in this country too. Exclusive satellite images show that Elon Musk in Grünheide cannot be stopped.

LiveEO #57 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Satellite images show how the Southeast Asian city state is massively expanding its land area at the expense of other countries. However, because the import of sand is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, Singapore must now also look to alternatives.

LiveEO #56 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

While Germany wants to establish hydrogen as the future energy carrier, Japan is already building the world’s first supply chain for the new fuel of the future. Exclusive satellite images show the development of the individual stations.

LiveEO #55 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

In the south of China, the Yangxiang breeding farm relies on an unusual way of keeping animals: instead of building wide stables, it builds stables at a height, as shown by exclusive satellite photos. In this way, the company also survives the swine fever that is currently rampant in the country.

LiveEO #53 “Economy from Above” in WirtschaftsWoche!

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – the palaces that the three presidents have bought more or less privately and are still building can certainly keep up with those of kings. This is shown by exclusive satellite images.