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How accurate is satellite imagery for vegetation detection?

We have all seen those movies – The hero (on the run) tries their best to go undetected. Hat and sunglasses are their instruments of choice to escape suspicious glances from people nearby. Taking shelter from the open sky is another to prevent being seen from afar – knowing well that enemy spy satellites can track their every movement from …

satellite vs lidar

How does Satellite Analytics compare to LiDAR for vegetation management?

The adoption of LiDAR has been an important step in digitizing vegetation management. While there likely will be some applications of laser scanning, satellites will monitor the bulk of infrastructure networks. LiDAR is an amazing technology: To see real-world objects turned into digital 3D representations is awe inspiring for most people witnessing it for the first time. Just recently, Apple …

Storm season is coming up: Reduce vulnerability of your assets

Remember Kyrill? That heavy storm that moved over Europe in January of 2007. It was the first storm in my lifetime (that I remember) which had catastrophic effects. This cyclone killed 47 people and led to damages of about 8 billion euros. Kyrill destroyed 60 million trees, unroofed houses, destroyed bridges and power pylons. Maximum wind speeds of up to 200 km/h were measured.

How to overcome inefficient vegetation management of your assets

Since the year 2000, wildfires caused economic losses of around 149 Billion US-Dollar worldwide, with 2018 being the most extreme with damages exceeding 20 billion US-Dollar (Aon plc. 2019). Besides dry conditions and exceptional heat, many wildfires are caused by vegetation growing in the vicinity of power lines.

Remote Sensing – A short introduction

More than 2000 years ago Socrates already envisioned earth observation from above. But before we could monitor earth from space via satellites, the development of photography, aeronautics and electromagnetism were important steps in the field of remote sensing.