What man can imagine, man can do!

Who we are


We face the status quo and love to realize things other dinosaurs say are impossible.

Go Getters

Self-organized makers who hate micromanaging bosses and instead love to work in a team with other daredevils who support each other in any kind of challenge.

“Spaced out” Thinkers

We love to combine creativity with technology and coding to build Europe’s leading space data analytics company.

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Remote Sensing Expert

To join us in a full-time position you should have prior experience in the following topics:

  • Remote Sensing with focus on Vegetation Analysis
  • Machine learning classification
  • Interpretation of different Geo Indices for Vegetation monitoring
  • Time series and change detection
  • Identification of different tree species
  • Experience with Python

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Unsolicited Application

We are always happy to hear from you. Just let us know why and where you want to work at LiveEO. So go ahead and contact us.