Partnership with AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Services) allows us to process heavy satellite images covering entire countries within a day. As APN technology partners, we are scaling our technology to deliver exceptional E2E results to our customers.


Our customers are facing rapidly changing circumstances, which demand a quick reaction and flexibility. With AWS, we can process images covering entire countries within a day.


 At LiveEO we handle heavy satellite data and AWS supports us in scaling our business globally, at a fast space and with constrained costs.


AWS ecosystem provides numerous self-service resources and documentation. We are glad to be part of AWS network and benefit from its unique expertise for growing and winning new opportunities. 

AWS Partner Network (APN) Technology Partner

Amazon Web Services provides a reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud and the unique expertise upon which a world-wide community constantly relies.

Every day at LiveEO we process satellite data to deliver exceptional E2E insights to our customers. With AWS, we can process images covering entire countries within a day. Thanks to AWS resources, we are able to scale our businesses at a fast pace, while also dramatically reducing the costs. This is crucial especially when handling heavy radar data. 

We have chosen AWS Cloud because it offers the right support for enabling a fast go-to-market and continuous business growth, typical of a promising startup. 

As AWS Technology Partners we have access to different APN resources to expand and market our business, as well as to a reliable and extensive documentation to navigate, learn and grow within the AWS ecosystem.