Third Party Detection

Unauthorized activities by third parties close to your asset can endanger operations and pose a safety risk. We leverage satellite data and AI to alert you, before damage occurs.

Monitor unauthorized Activities

Large and geographically distributed assets are difficult and costly to monitor continuously. Satellites capture data of vast areas on a daily basis.

Our software automatically compares the latest satellite imagery with previous data to identify changes. Using artificial intelligence, we are able to distinguish relevant events that could endanger your asset from seasonal or everyday changes.

Find out how AI-powered satellite analytics can help to make your operations safer and more reliable while reducing OPEX.



Minimize service interruptions caused by third parties

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Increase Efficiency

Profit from digitized and data-driven maintenance 

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Reduce expensive helicopter flights



Automated risk assessment and task prioritization

Relevant Insights Straight to your Desk.

You do not need any geospatial training to use our solution. Our solution automatically generates and prioritizes detected events and make them available via our intuitive web application. 

Review flagged events on the satellite imagery and assign inspection tasks to coworkers or subcontractors. With our mobile app, they can report and document their findings in the field.


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