We are looking for a student for a Bachelor Thesis / Internship

Bachelor Thesis / Internship (Berlin):

Integration of Drones into Real-time Earth Observation 

We are growing. Our product is the first private real-time earth observation application and makes use of the synergies of EO data and geolocation services. Based on Copernicus data, LiveEO determines the most efficient combination of public and commercial satellite data, connected UAVs and High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellites. LiveEO provides answers from above for customers requiring short reaction times and long duration observations enabled by UAVs.

For this purpose, we are looking for a student who researches different possibilities for a real-time control and two way data link between the UAV and our system and conceptualizes (and potentially develops) different methods into our executive pipeline.

Gained experience in these fields are good but not necessary:

  • drones & flight dynamics
  • drone software
  • engineering or IT background
  • programming skills (preferably Python)

We are open for own suggestions around these lines and are very much open for related ideas.

Do you want to be part of the team who realizes a disruptive space approach?

Please get in touch with us:


Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra

Tel: +49 178 8552758

E-Mail: info@live-eo.com

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