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Live EO is looking for a full stack developer to join a team of New Space Visionaries

October 23, 2018 in Job Announcement

Computer Scientist at Space Startup LiveEO

LiveEO is a Berlin based Space Startup that makes use of public and
commercial satellite images to monitor large scale infrastructure grids in
the verticals energy, railway, oil and gas. Delivering answers from above
LiveEO integrates satellite derived data and predictions into the business
processes to enable data driven decisions from the level of the daily
work of inspection teams up to yearly strategic decisions of managers.
LiveEO reduces outages of electricity, train cancellations and
environmental pollution with space technology.

For our growing team we are looking for a Computer Scientist in Berlin
ideally starting in November. To join us in a full-time position you
should have prior experience in the following topics:

  • Full Stack development
  • Implementation of Micro-service architecture
  • API Design & communication
  • Python, Java, R
  • SCRUM environment
  • Analysis of heavy data sets (satellite images are very big)
  • Machine Learning frameworks


We face the status quo and love to realize things other dinosaurs say are
impossible. We love to combine creativity with technology and coding to
build Europe’s leading space data analytics company. For our fast
growing financially backed company we are looking for self-organized
maker who hate micromanaging bosses and instead love to work in a
team with other daredevils who support each other in any kind of
challenge. You are looking for an adventure and want to see the world
from another perspective?

Please get in touch with us and send your CV:
E-Mail: info@live-eo.com
LiveEO, Hardenbergstraße 38, 10623 Berlin

LiveEO starts proof-of-concepts with two of the biggest corporates in Europe

June 6, 2018 in Announcements

Dear all,

the last two weeks were very successful for our young company LiveEO. Out of 209 Startups LiveEO won the first prize for the innovative approach of infrastructure monitoring in the well-known business competition BPW.  However, we also came a big step closer to a product which is ready for market with two proof-of-concepts with Europe’s biggest software company SAP and Europe’s biggest transportation company Deutsche Bahn.


We are very happy to announce our participation in the Deutsche Bahn Accelerator DB Mindbox. On the 20th of February we had the chance to pitch in front of DB manager to convince them, that we can revolutionize the monitoring of their infrastructure in Germany. Now we will get the chance in a 100 days program with an extensive interaction with all relevant DB departments. Thanks for everyone, especially the DB mindbox team, who are enabling this opportunity. Our goal is nothing more to win over Deutsche Bahn as a permanent client.


On the first of February our technology proof-of-concept for an interface to Europe’s biggest software company SAP started. We are very happy about the support by SAP and are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership after the successful POC.

We are looking for a Remote Sensing Expert!

May 17, 2018 in Job Announcement

Remote Sensing Expert at Space Startup LiveEO

The young Berlin based Earth Observation Startup LiveEO is growing. With our product „LiveEO“ we are monitoring infrastructure networks across the globe with an intelligent combination of different Earth Observation data sources. We have won Europeans biggest Space Competition Copernicus Masters and are part of the Deutsche Bahn Accelerator. With Deutsche Bahn we want to improve the monitoring of the railway grid in Germany. For our growing team we are looking for a Remote Sensing expert in the area of Berlin/Brandenburg.

To join us in a full-time position you should have prior experience in the following topics:

  • Remote Sensing with focus on Vegetation Analysis
  • Semi-automated-classification
  • Interpretation of different Geo Indexes for Vegetation monitoring
  • Time series and change detection
  • Identification of different tree species
  • Experience with Python

LiveEO is the first private near-real-time earth observation application and makes use of the synergies of EO data and geolocation services. Based on Copernicus data, LiveEO determines the most efficient combination of public and commercial satellite data, connected UAVs and High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellites to monitor large scale infrastructure networks in the domains power and railways. Do you want to be part of the team who realizes this disruptive space approach?

Please get in touch with us:

Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra

Tel: +49173-903-1048

E-Mail: info@live-eo.co