LiveEO is growing! We have new team members

We are very happy to announce, that we doubled our team size. Our team is now complemented by an international and diverse developer team of specialists and talents with an average age of under 30.

Top row: Hanno Skowronek, Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra, Bottom row: Lucija Gregov, Imanol Uriarte Latorre, Dr. Nastasja Scholz

Lucija Gregov from Croatia joined our team in November. She has a Master in Mathematics and another Master in applied Mathematics. She is a Space Enthusiast and loves to bring Space applications to earth. You can also check out her Science blog on

Imanol Uriarte Latorre from Spain also joined our team in November. He is a Geoinformatics engineer and worked for ESA and DLR in the field of remote sensing.

Hanno Skowronek joined our team in December. He studies Computer Science at TU Berlin and will push his fresh input from University into practical output at LiveEO.

Happy to have all of you on board!

Sven and Daniel

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