Praktikumsstelle: Business Development

Das Berliner Raumfahrt StartUp LiveEO wächst. Daher suchen wir Dich mit Einstieg ab August 2018 für ein (Pflicht-)Praktikum von mindestens 6 Wochen im Bereich Business Development. LiveEO entwickelt die erste Echtzeit-Erdobservationslösung zur Analyse von großflächigen Infrastrukturnetzwerken. Wir analysieren automatisch Satelliten- und Drohnendaten und generieren daraus Insights für Businessentscheidungen und in Krisensituationen.


Deine Aufgabenfelder werden in der Unterstützung der Vorbereitung einer Finanzierungsrunde, der Untersuchung von neuen Anwendungs- und Kundenfeldern und der operativen Skalierungsarbeit liegen. Durch diese Arbeit erhältst Du einen Einblick in die Tätigkeit eines schnellwachsenden, high-tech StartUps und in die VC und Finanzierungswelt Berlins.  Du wirst in einem zehnköpfigen Team arbeiten, hast ein großes Maß an Flexibilität, erhältst Einblicke in alle Bereiche des Geschäftsalltags und kannst die Theorie aus der Universität in der Praxis zur Anwendung bringen. Für das Praktikum wird eine Aufwandsentschädigung gezahlt.

Dein Profil:

  • Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, BWL, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, oder eines ähnlichen Studiengangs
  • Interesse daran, StartUps und StartUp Finanzierung näher kennenzulernen
  • Sicherer Umgang mit MS Office Programmen, insbesondere mit Word und Excel
  • Sichere Kenntnisse der deutschen und englischen Sprache in Wort und Schrift
  • Selbständige Arbeitsweise und Kommunikationsstärke

Bei Interesse freuen wir uns über Deine Bewerbung unter:


Tel: +49173-903-1048



LiveEO starts proof-of-concepts with two of the biggest corporates in Europe

Dear all,

the last two weeks were very successful for our young company LiveEO. Out of 209 Startups LiveEO won the first prize for the innovative approach of infrastructure monitoring in the well-known business competition BPW.  However, we also came a big step closer to a product which is ready for market with two proof-of-concepts with Europe’s biggest software company SAP and Europe’s biggest transportation company Deutsche Bahn.


We are very happy to announce our participation in the Deutsche Bahn Accelerator DB Mindbox. On the 20th of February we had the chance to pitch in front of DB manager to convince them, that we can revolutionize the monitoring of their infrastructure in Germany. Now we will get the chance in a 100 days program with an extensive interaction with all relevant DB departments. Thanks for everyone, especially the DB mindbox team, who are enabling this opportunity. Our goal is nothing more to win over Deutsche Bahn as a permanent client.


On the first of February our technology proof-of-concept for an interface to Europe’s biggest software company SAP started. We are very happy about the support by SAP and are looking forward to a long-lasting partnership after the successful POC.


We are very happy for our participation in the AWS Startup Activate Program. Our scalable infrastructure is growing fast, thanks to the support of AWS Development Center in Berlin.

We are also very happy about our new team member Aanshal Singh. She is a student of the Master for Space Engineering at TU Berlin and will write her thesis about an innovative approach for the analysis of Remote Sensing data.

We are looking for a full-time employee in the field of remote sensing. The job offer will be announced soon.

Best Regards
LiveEO-Delivering answers from above

We are looking for a Remote Sensing Expert!

Job announcement IT (Berlin):  

Remote Sensing Expert at Space Startup LiveEO

The young Berlin based Earth Observation Startup LiveEO is growing. With our product „LiveEO“ we are monitoring infrastructure networks across the globe with an intelligent combination of different Earth Observation data sources. We have won Europeans biggest Space Competition Copernicus Masters and are part of the Deutsche Bahn Accelerator. With Deutsche Bahn we want to improve the monitoring of the railway grid in Germany. For our growing team we are looking for a Remote Sensing expert in the area of Berlin/Brandenburg.

To join us in a full-time position you should have prior experience in the following topics:

  • Remote Sensing with focus on Vegetation Analysis
  • Semi-automated-classification
  • Interpretation of different Geo Indexes for Vegetation monitoring
  • Time series and change detection
  • Identification of different tree species
  • Experience with Python

LiveEO is the first private near-real-time earth observation application and makes use of the synergies of EO data and geolocation services. Based on Copernicus data, LiveEO determines the most efficient combination of public and commercial satellite data, connected UAVs and High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellites to monitor large scale infrastructure networks in the domains power and railways. Do you want to be part of the team who realizes this disruptive space approach?

Please get in touch with us:

Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra

Tel: +49173-903-1048


LiveEO continues growth in 2018

Wow, LiveEO is growing more and more. Our new team member is Jean Piero Hernandez Meze. Piero is an experienced software developer who is lovely named our internal „hacker“ after his first awesome three weeks with us. He is a specialist in API design, micro service cloud architecture and also has advanced knowledge in machine learning and rollouts on AWS. With more than five years of working experience as a freelancing developer for bigger US companies and two years at Fraunhofer in Germany he joins us in our vision to deliver answers from above.

We are looking for a student for a Bachelor Thesis / Internship

Bachelor Thesis / Internship (Berlin):

Integration of Drones into Real-time Earth Observation 

We are growing. Our product is the first private real-time earth observation application and makes use of the synergies of EO data and geolocation services. Based on Copernicus data, LiveEO determines the most efficient combination of public and commercial satellite data, connected UAVs and High-Altitude-Pseudo-Satellites. LiveEO provides answers from above for customers requiring short reaction times and long duration observations enabled by UAVs.

For this purpose, we are looking for a student who researches different possibilities for a real-time control and two way data link between the UAV and our system and conceptualizes (and potentially develops) different methods into our executive pipeline.

Gained experience in these fields are good but not necessary:

  • drones & flight dynamics
  • drone software
  • engineering or IT background
  • programming skills (preferably Python)

We are open for own suggestions around these lines and are very much open for related ideas.

Do you want to be part of the team who realizes a disruptive space approach?

Please get in touch with us:


Daniel Seidel and Sven Przywarra

Tel: +49 178 8552758


LiveEO is growing! We have new team members

We are very happy to announce, that we doubled our team size. Our team is now complemented by an international and diverse developer team of specialists and talents with an average age of under 30.

Top row: Hanno Skowronek, Daniel Seidel, Sven Przywarra, Bottom row: Lucija Gregov, Imanol Uriarte Latorre, Dr. Nastasja Scholz

Lucija Gregov from Croatia joined our team in November. She has a Master in Mathematics and another Master in applied Mathematics. She is a Space Enthusiast and loves to bring Space applications to earth. You can also check out her Science blog on

Imanol Uriarte Latorre from Spain also joined our team in November. He is a Geoinformatics engineer and worked for ESA and DLR in the field of remote sensing.

Hanno Skowronek joined our team in December. He studies Computer Science at TU Berlin and will push his fresh input from University into practical output at LiveEO.

Happy to have all of you on board!

Sven and Daniel

Copernicus-DE call for Infrastructure Net-Providers

Thanks to the DLR the service Copernicus-DE made a call for LiveEO to find Infrastructure Net-Providers for a customer needs analysis. For the further improvement of LiveEO we are looking for Interview partners which also will see our unpublished demonstrator. If you are in the Utility Sector and have to monitor e.g. Railways, Power Lines or Pipelines please write us an E-Mail to:

Due to our first Interviews we are convinced to improve your Monitoring process dramatically.

Here you can find the official call (German):

Best Regards

Daniel and Sven

LiveEO is the winner of Copernicus Masters Transport Challenge

Wow, we really won the BMVI Earth Observation Challenge for digital transport applications! The festive award ceremony in front of high space representatives like ESA Director Jan Wörner and Planet Founder Robbie Schingler, just to name a few, was an honor for our young Startup. Now, there is a lot of work for us to do. We are also very happy to be in the Copernicus Hall of fame right now!

Check out the official entry!

Best Regards Daniel and Sven

LiveEO – UAV Integration into Satellite-EO