About us

LiveEO team and philosophy:

Top row: Daniel Seidel, Piero Meze, Imanol Uriarte Latorre;  Bottom row: Nastasja Scholz, Aanchal Singh, Sven Przywarra; Missing: Sergio Lopez, Marinho Gomes

The product LiveEO is build by a diverse team of developers from all over Europe. Our background reaches from Space Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Geoinformatics, Geophysics to Business Engineering.

Software is eating the world. At LiveEO even the CFO has coding skills! We make business decisions on codeline level. This leads us to high agility and tailored solutions for customers in an automated fast development pipeline.

Our team members:

Sven Przywarra
Co-Founder & CFO
Business Engineer (Space)
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Daniel Seidel
Co-Founder & CTO
Space Engineer
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Bartho Schulte
Business Advisor
Consultant with Aerospace Background
Dr. Nastasja Scholz
Chief Data Scientist
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Marinho Gomes
Full-Stack Developer
Computer Science
Imanol Uriarte Latorre
Data Scientist
Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Sergio Lopez
Image Classification
Remote Sensing Engineer
Piero Hernandez
Software Developer
Computer Science



LiveEO has competed in multiple competitions and is supported by the German government as well as the European Union.