Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Our Story

The founders and space enthusiasts Sven and Daniel always wanted to use space technology to improve the life on earth. In May 2017 they founded LiveEO to do exactly this. Infrastructure grids such as powerlines, railways or gas pipelines are the backbones of human society. With their vision to monitor every infrastructure grid on the planet they attract a lot of IT and Space talents from all over the world. The fast growing team of more than ten employees consist of space engineers, computer scientists, geo experts and business engineers which build the one-stop shop for monitoring infrastructure with space born data and UAVs. Our brand LiveEO represents our core principle of delivering high quality answers on meter-level accuracy for an entire country in incredibly short time compared to the industry average.

That’s us

Daniel Seidel

Co Founder and CTO

Imanol Uriarte-Latorre

GeoIT Engineer

Marinho Gomes

Full Stack Developer

Nastasja Scholz


Jean Piero Hernández Meze

FullStack Software Engineer

Sergio Lopez

Remote Sensing Engineer

Stefan Gönner

Business Development Manager

Sven Przywarra

Co Founder and COO

Sean Collingwood

GeoIT Engineer

Tarik Kiyan

Remote Sensing Engineer

Joceline Knight

Remote Sensing Engineer